What I Pray For My Husband

As I’ve been enjoying and working through the last two years of marriage, my husband and I have learned a little bit about each other. What are our likes/dislikes in food, our bad habits (mine is laundry, Ryan’s is cleaning the dishes haha), and how we communicate our expectations of one another. One thing I’ve been learning is what I pray for my husband.

I know that may sound like an over-spiritualized comment, but y’all, I’ve committed my LIFE to this guy. Until Ryan or I pass on into eternity, we will be spending our lives together here on this earth. And in marriage, it is so easy to see someone else’s short comings. The enemy works hard for us to see that. As I’ve been learning what to pray for Ryan, I’ve learned how I can better serve my husband, all be glory to God.


I pray for faith.

Our home is only as strong as our foundation, and I pray Ryan continues to lean into the Lord as his savior, not his masculinity, what the world expects of men, or his own desires. I can’t make him be more faithful. I can encourage his heart, point him to the cross, but only Ryan can seek the Lord. He is faithful, and he leads well by serving our church and my heart.

I pray for leadership.

My husband leading our family is important to me because Ryan naturally has the main attribute of a leader: he has a servant heart. I believe this has been so crucial in our marriage. My husband being a leader means that he hears me, we make important decisions together, and he wants to love and serve me well.

I pray for confidence.

With everything that’s happened in the past year, Ryan’s confidence has been shaken. What the world expected of him had somewhat rocked him. In the very least, I’ve noticed how the enemy attacks him. Sometimes he questions his ability to do something well, no matter how big or small. But one thing that has been instilled in Ryan is his perseverance. Despite the odds or challenges that he has often been met with, I have never heard him angry with the Lord or question his authority. He finds his strength in Jesus, and continues to push through the pain and uncertainty of this season of life. I pray he continues to utilize this strength in all aspects of his life, especially at times when he is unsure of himself.

I pray for wisdom.

As the world changes and hearts become hardened to the injustices and hurts around us, I pray Ryan is wise with his words. Though Ryan and I are a team and are of oneness, the discernment and wisdom of the Lord has been so precious in our marriage. As I am someone that is impulsive and quick to speak, Ryan is just the opposite. He is methodical in how he approaches subjects, has the gospel as his foundation, and seeks the Lord in those thoughts.

I pray for peace.

As he goes through treatment for his spine, Ryan has had to go through other traumas. He’s not able to sleep at night, he’s been experiencing severe digestive issues from the pain medication, and has random, intense migraines. His mind races at night with thoughts of how he’s caught up in this vicious cycle, and how the side effects while trying to get better still make him feel trapped. This is the one that he struggles with most, but I pray he knows the father’s love, and mine, though it is only a speck in comparison.


I say all of this so you can see that our lives are not perfect (surprise!), and that the enemy will cease every opportunity to show you how imperfect and abnormal our lives are compared to others. As we’ve only been married for a short time, I know there will be more to come. More hurts, more struggles, more opportunities for the enemy to take up arms against me and my marriage. I’ve learned one way to defeat that is to pray for my husband to continue to press into Jesus. Y’all, it has made such a difference in my life. Though I feel daily conviction in how I may respond or act when things don’t go the way I planned, there’s is grace that abounds all the more. And for that, I am grateful. I pray this encourages you, sweet friends.


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