Meet Erika 


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I’m Erika. I’m a Dentonite here in Texas where I live with my husband Ryan. The DHM blog is where I focus on what it looks like today to be a homemaker and a working wife. As this is now only one hat I enjoy getting to wear, I also work full-time in the IT field. Being a homemaker to me is really taking the time to make a house a home, and why that is so important to me in this day and age. I also talk about my faith, marriage and relationships, and just being really honest about what’s going on in my life here in Denton. I also talk a lot about my health, as I’m a recently diagnosed diabetic. Being diagnosed at 25, I am learning new things everyday, and I love getting to share this journey with y’all.

A few things I love: our local sports teams (I love scoring baseball games — I think it’s a lost art to the game and I love rekindling a tradition!), listening to true crime podcasts (I’ll create a list soon of what I’ve listened to past and current) , and getting to cook with some sweet tunes in the background. I’m usually wearing my glasses and rockin’ a messy bun, and I love getting to spend time with my community.

Ryan and I have been married a little over two years now. We were college sweethearts at UNT, and we are blessed to have a supportive community and church here in our sweet town. I wouldn’t be able to do this blog 14681870_1499346796759081_6712830931440610466_nwithout his encouragement and support.

The Denton Homemaker launched in 2018 with the hope that a diverse group of women can simply enjoy learning how to find the balance in our lives, all while remembering to enjoy life’s little moments and mishaps.





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